When you contact me, Charlotte Harvey hair to enquire about an appointment I will collect the relevant information from  you. Once you have your consultation appointment I will collect any other relevant data that I need. I will then ask you to check that your data is correct and you will be asked if you would like to sign up to my monthly newsletter.

The information that I require will include your name, email, dob, contact number, home address, relevant medical history for chemical services. All chemical services will be recorded and stored for future references.

The information I take from you is required for locating your home to carry out the hair service you have booked with me. your phone number is so that I may keep in contact with you and let you know if I may be delayed to your appointment for any reason. Your email is to keep you updated with all the latest with my business. Dob is for marketing purposes.

  How will my information be used?


Your information will only be used by charlotte Harvey hair and it only be used to deliver the hair services you have booked with me.


I will not share your information with any other third party without your consent, except to help prevent fraud or if required by law.

You have the right to request that you stop receiving marketing emails at any time. If you no longer wish to receive these emails please contact me charlotteharveyhair@gmail.com and request a removal.

   How long will my data be stored for?

If you decide you no longer want to be a client of Charlotte Harvey Hair and you haven't had any appointments booked for 6 months then your basic information will be removed from online system within 7 days. I am required by law to keep all chemical records for up to 6 years from the date of your last service. 

     Where to you store my data?

 Your personal data is stored on my online booking system on my business phone which is secured via password. 


       Access to your data at all times?

   You have to right to see and change your personal data at any time. You also have the right to make changes to your      data.


 I want to make sure your information is up to date so please contact me via charlotteharveyhair@gmail.com or 07843171618.